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MassCalculator is an open-source organization on GitHub that develops software tools for calculating the masses of various objects and substances.


masscalculator-cli repository contains a command-line interface (CLI) application for the MassCalculator software. It uses the masscalculator-core library as a backend to calculate the masses of various objects and substances. The CLI application provides a console-friendly interface for users to interact with MassCalculator from their terminal or command prompt.



masscalculator-core is a repository, that provides a library for calculating the weight of an object based on its material and shape. The library supports stl and dxf file formats and allows users to specify the desired thickness when extruding the dxf file. The materials used in the library conform to the International System of Units (SI).



masscalculator-docker is a repository, where you can find the Docker container for the MassCalculator software. Use this container to easily set up and run MassCalculator on your local machine or server.



masscalculator-gui repository is where you can find the graphical user interface (GUI) application for MassCalculator, which makes use of the masscalculator-core library to provide a user-friendly way to calculate the mass of various objects and substances. With this application, you can easily input your object's dimensions and material properties and get an accurate mass calculation in seconds.